Operation: Bulk bags are picked up and lifted directly over the two dump hoppers, this can be done by your forklift truck or by an overhead hoist as illustrated. The bulk bags are manually untied by the operators standing on the service platform provided. A grid is provided in both hoppers for safety and also to prevent debris from entering the system. The operators load the hoppers simultaneously. Each dump hopper is equipped with a discharge screw feeder that is rated for a capacity of 22.5 tph. The two screw feeders feed the product into a bucket elevator with a combined capacity of 45.0 tph. Standard elevator discharge height is 10 meters which can be changed to suit the client. An elevator service platform and cat ladder are provided for access to top where the drive is located. Instrumentation is provided for the screw feeders and bucket elevator, belt drift switches and speed sensors. All equipment is manufactured from mild steel and painted to our standard specification. Elevator can feed into silo or tanker (optional with accessories). Suitable for fly-ash de-bagging