Application: This system provides a flexible and cost effective materials handling solution with a difference. Clients using raw materials supplied in Bulk Bags have full control over the discharge using this system. After hooking the bag onto the spreader frame the assembly is placed into position by means of forklift. The Unloader seals the bag to avoid dust pollution and the operator has access to release the contents of the bag. Various discharge devices are available for controlled dosing and feeding into the material process. Features & Benefits: Self suspending type for loading via forklift. A vibratory motor is supplied to assist discharge. The hopper is rubber mounted. Bulk bags of 1200W x 1200D x 1200H are catered for. Max bulk bag mass = 2000 kg Supply: Bulk Bag Unloader Unit Hopper shut-off plate Screw Feeder c/w drive unit Vibratory motor  2 x Bag Hanging spreader frames Control Panel with wiring Adjustable support leg Operating Specifications: Discharge rate = 35 m³/hr Discharge time for a 1 - Tonne bag is approx. 2 minutes Turnaround time for a bag loading cycle is approx. 6 minutes. Input rate averaged per hour using 1 - Tonne bags is 10 t/hr. Not Suitable For: · Abrasive material · Materials that aerate easily · Overly large lumps Options: Materials of construction are Carbon steel as standard. A hand operated shut-off slide is provided. The drive on the screw feeder is 3-phase