Application: For the rapid and efficient dust free loading of road tankers shipping dry bulk solids. The unit consists of an outer and an inner bellows tube. the bellows travel inside each other simultaneously when being lowered or raised.  The unit may be raised or lowered electrically by push button or manually. A space is maintained between these two concentric tubes in order for the dust to be aspirated away. Features & Benefits: Capacity - in excess of 300m3/hr. Limit switch to avoid over-run, protecting the unit from self-damage. Conical discharge fits road tankers. Electrical control panel is supplied and for remote operation. A holdback device is fitted to ensure controlled descent. Corrosion proof stainless steel ropes are standard. Mechanical items are easily accessible for maintenance purposes. Dust is recovered and cycled back to the storage silo without polluting the atmosphere and without causing environmental and health hazards. No spillage. No waste. Optional Extras: Steel inner cone. Rail and truck filling head with skirts. Tanker loading spout.