Typical applications include grain storage, feed mills, cereal processing and chemical plants. Used for many mining and process operations they can be equipped with heating and cooling jackets. Toxic materials can easily be handled with a screw conveyor because the enclosed trough or tube casing can be made tight enough to contain toxic dust or vapours and reduce hazards to the working and general environment. The material you intend to convey may even be damp or sticky, designs are available for most situations. ·Ideal for Conveying and Feeding almost any product. ·Vertical Elevating Features & Benefits: ·Long lengths may be achieved by the use of hanger bearings. ·Clean dust free operation. ·Multiple inlets and Outlets. ·Can be used as a feeder, to control flow. ·A full range of sizes available for all capacities. ·Cost efficient. Optional Extras: ·Motion Detectors ·Various Drive Configurations ·Tubular fully enclosed available. ·Quick Release Covers. ·Drop bottom trough. ·Flared trough.