Application: Suitable for the removal of hot boiler ash. Usually multiple inlets from a series of boilers. A number of models are available according to the quantity of ash to be removed. The material is quenched in the water bath, and slowly moved horizontally allowing the ash to settle gently on to the belt, inclined at an angle in order for the water to drain off backwards into the water bath. The water level is controlled by means of a float valve. Finally the damp cooled ash is dumped into a waste skip for disposal. Features and Benefits: The Bath is constructed in 3cr12 corrosion resistant steel. Support steel frame is carbon steel hot dip galvanized. The Bath is removable in situ for replacement purposes. A Float valve regulates the water level. The drive is 3-phase either 380v or 525v Discharge rate = according to feed, up to 6.0 T/hr. Drop-on removable covers between boilers. Covered on inclined section outdoor section. Suitable for: All types of hot boiler ash. (Coal or Bagasse) Suitable for up to 3 boilers in a row May be retrofitted to existing boilers. Discharge height may be varied within limits